1. Firstly applying products the right way. If

your going for volume concentrate on applying

products to the roots sometimes putting to

much on the ends will weigh it down. 

With any hair products use sparingly so your

hair doesn't feel heavy and lack.

2. Ruff dry your hair using your fingers until its 60-65 percent dry before using a brush.  If your wanting volume try using your hands to lift your hair up at roots to create extra volume.

3. Don't forget the nozzle, a nozzle

concentrates the heat in one area so the hair

doesn't blow all over the place when drying

and by blowing the air from roots to tips the

hair cuticle lies flat giving you a much

smoother look.

4.  Blow drying with a round brush firstly start

by sectioning hair off, starting at the neckline

working up towards the crown, making sure

every section is thoroughly dry before moving

on to the next.  Place the brush as close as you

can to the roots.

5. Follow the brush with the hairdryer pulling

hair upwards being careful not to hold

hairdryer to close to the hair.  Dry the roots

first then make way down to the lengths and

ends.  Make sure your hairdryer points down

the hair to get that smooth finish.

6. Apply finishing product remember you don't need to over do it with hairsprays, serums etc and make sure its evenly distributed throw the hair.



Go with what it says on the bottle if you have

fine hair go with a light shampoo and

conditioner.  Thick, course or dry hair will need

a much heavier conditioner.  Coloured hair

needs a nourishing conditioner to keep hair in

good condition.


Treat your hair to a conditioning mask.  Hair

that is exposed to heat and colour can feel dry and damaged. Once a week use a good

conditioning treatment, thicken hair with

product and leave for 5-15 mins before rinsing. Your hair will feel a lot softer and smoother.



If you like to use straightening irons you

need to maintain healthy hair using heat

protector spray before blow drying.  Make

sure your hairs completely dry and ideally your

hair straighteners should be 180 degrees to achieve great straight hair with minimum heat damage. Use small sections of hair starting at the hairline, to big a section and the heat won't penetrate throw all the hair.



The bigger the brush the smoother the hair.

Round brushes with metal middle heat up so will provide a smoother look but don't over do

it as the brush will get hot and heat is

damaging to your hair. If you have thick

or coarse hair a nylon bristle brush might be better as they

have more bristles so you 

can get more tension

to pull hair smooth.




Tried and tested, some of kelly's

favourite brands to use are Tigi

Bedhead, Tigi Rockaholic, Kerestese

and Envy.  Here are a few products,

how to use and what they do:


Do you normally dry your
and wonder why your hair
is much smoother when done my professionals well here's a few tricks
of the trade to get a gorgeous salon blowdry at home.


Is a must to protect your hair if you use a lot of heat on your hair.  Apply to the lengths and ends of your hair before blow drying.


Its best to use a weightless formula, spray

onto roots before you start blow drying to get

big bouncy hair.


If your hair is fine, flyaway, dry or frizzy and

you want a glossy shine.  Apply a very small

amount to the ends of your hair before blow

drying and again after to smooth overs the




Great for adding texture, waves and body to

your hair to get that beach wave look.  If you

like your hair to feel like there isn't much

product on it this may not be for you as it does

leave your hair feeling a bit tangerly and dry.  

Spray a small amount on dry hair and scrunch

into hair to get a textured look.